WIFI Boosting

Big Picture Home Entertainment specializes in providing solutions to all your WIFI troubles. Our promise is that we can get you optimal WIFI Speed in any corner of your home. The reasons why most homes do not get good WIFI performance throughout are because service providers have only one guarantee, that they will get you ‘up to’ the speed promised at the point of access only. Meaning that at the hard-wired router that you will get up to the speed that was originally advertised to you. The issue begins with the equipment provided to you, it is typically only efficient for up to 1500 sq ft in optimal conditions. This means that more than one storey homes, added walls, basements with concrete surroundings, floors, or too many walls will greatly interfere with WIFI coverage and speed. The problem with standard WIFI extenders is that rather than providing true signal throughout the home they simply relay the signal a little bit further, but in reality, they weaken the signal strength as they do so, because they actually require WIFI to work. They also have much less range and power as a standard access point does. Extenders also constantly compete with one another making it hard for your devices to seamlessly connect to the strongest signal.

Our Solution: It begins with our WIFI Technicians testing every corner of your home to determine the factors which weaken your signal and to find the best positions, both for performance and esthetics, for our WIFI Access Points. For this we use the best technology in the business. We then will hardwire true access points throughout your home to give you the full speed that you pay in every corner of your home. Our Access Points allow as many devices as you have in your home to seamlessly connect to the strongest possible signal at all times. We also include equipment that allows us to remotely monitor the efficiency of the system and in most cases fix any problems without ever having to schedule a service call.