Our Team


Super Installer

With great agility and super strength Super Installer can get a wire anywhere without it being seen. No tv is too big to mount no wire to small to pull. Super installer can do it all!


Wi-Fi Guy

In world controlled by WIFI In a time where the internet rules WiFi Guy will save you from the mediocrity of evil service providers. With his utility belt WIFI guy uses his high-tech scanning equipment and testing gear to give you optimal WIFI performance. Using his super speed and ability to be everywhere all at once, WIFI guy will never let your network go dark again!



From the depths of silence in a monotonous world Audio Fox was born to rid the world of tedium. She contains the power of Music and the ability to breathe. Life into any corner of your lair. With precision performance and esthetics your speakers will become beacons of song. With perfect calibration and configuration your guaranteed to have your own fortress of solitude!


Video Girl

Blasting through the past of a drab, colourless world of sub-entertainment. Bringing the brightest and clearest picture to the world, Video Girl uses her powers to give you the highest quality image possible. From 4k Flat screens to full projector systems Video Fox will give you an amazing viewing experience.


Max Media

Max Media saves the day! In a world full of different streaming and media services. It is hard to decipher the villains from the good guys. From Apple music, Netflix, Spotify, and many others, Max Media uses his awesome powers of media to educate and customize a media program for your family to maximize your audio/video experience.



Contracto can morph into any contractor needed. Whether its electrical, carpentry, drywall, or paint he will take care of it all! A dedicated expert for all these fields allows us to do anything from custom built cabinets, bulkheads, and seating platforms to electrical work as well as patch and paint we can transform any room to ensure safety while getting the ultimate enjoyment from your home.