Culture And Music

Culture is also related to music in many ways. This statement has been made and proven to be true. That is because their various ways it has been seen to be in action. For one, there is traditional music that each country or group of people plays and they love them. If you will search around the world, you can find many traditional songs. They also have different melodies and rhythms. They are a completely different genre of music that exists around the world.

Though they were all labeled as the traditional music they also have many differences. Due to this preference based on culture, there are also the genres of music that they like. In America alone, many people have various music genre choice. They can listen to pop music and then turn into hard metal. But others like the country music or the hip-hop music or the blues and jazz, and many other music genres. One country with various choices as it is a country full of diversity.

That can also be the way for people to understand each other. In music, you can have an idea what your neighbor may like. What country of origin they had when you listen to the music they are playing. Others who had stayed in another country for long come to like also the music there. Exposure to a various type of music can allow you to also make a choice and know what you like most. But what is amazing is that there are also songs that most people know and like even if they like another genre of music.